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Cannabidiol (CBD) And How Various Hemp Oil Product Types Can Benefit Hair

By Daniel Putnam May 17, 2020 0 comments

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the main components of cannabis. THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids in the plant, and the two best known and most studied parts of the cannabis plant, however they are very different. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for a high, addiction, paranoia, and the munchies - essentially all of the strong, negative, and psychoactive side effects. CBD counteracts the THC and is completely harmless; it is an anti-stress agent, that doesn’t cause any side dangerous side effects. CBD is the main component in hemp oil, which is completely legal, in most states, and can be easily purchased. It is not psychoactive, and it doesn’t latch on to any brain receptors, it instead encourages your body to produce healthy and happy hormones, and is a great at home treatment for a whole variety of body issues – from beauty to serious health conditions.

How can Hemp Oil Help Hair?

Hemp oil – the main ingredient of which is Cannabidiol (CBD) – contains many fatty acids, which are full of benefits for the whole human body, and are especially good for the hair and scalp. The oil is taken from industrial hemp plants – which are specifically grown in strains that do not contain THC – and can be used in shampoo, conditioner, or even just as simple hair oil. The use of hemp oil as a food, health, or beauty supplement is rapidly growing across the United States as more and more people realize the benefits. Hemp Oil is defined as containing extremely low levels of THC, so low that it can’t cause any affects, so you can use it with the confidence that it won’t affect you behaviour in any way.

What doe Hemp Oil Do to Hair?

The first benefit of hemp oil is to moisturize hair, leaving it healthy and shiny. We all use so many heated products on our hair these days, which ends can get a little dry, and hemp oil can help bring this dry hair back to life. Seasonal changes also can damage hair, as the cold and the hot dry summer can also deprive your hair of moisture, while using hemp oil can keep our hair hydrated, without making it greasy.

The second benefit, for both ladies and gents, is that it helps to stimulate hair growth. The fatty acids in hemp oil that are mentioned above include Omega 3, 6, and 9, all of which contribute to stimulating hair growth. The proteins in hair growth also are included in hemp oil, and the oil is good for the follicles of the scalp, which need to be healthy in order to grow healthy hair. As we naturally lose hairs everyday through brushing, washing, and just sleeping and moving, it’s great to stimulate the regrowth of new hairs to keep your locks thick and full.

Another benefit of hemp oil for the hair and the scalp is that it strengthens your hair. Say goodbye to unsightly split ends, or frequent and expensive trips to the salon, you an grow your hair out, use all kinds of heat products on it, and it will still stay strong, healthy and shiny.

While at the present it’s common to see shampoo with extracts like argon oil, or flowers, or citrus scents, it will soon be totally normal to see marijuana infused shampoos on the shelves, and more and more research supports the findings that cannabis, or at least the CBD component, can keep your hair healthy, thick and shiny.

Is Hemp Oil Safe?

THC is the harmful element of cannabis, while CBD is being researched thoroughly as it’s so full of potential. It’s legal, and is currently being looked into as part of treatments for cancer, epilepsy, psychosis, stress, anxiety, and diabetes, as well as many, many more conditions. While it may seem silly to use something that can treat such serious conditions for nice hair, the fact is that this works and studies support the results.

And as it’s also being looked into for its anti-aging properties, men in particular may want to look into CBD related treatments, for example hemp oil, to prevent baldness, if you start getting signs of losing your hair.

Is This A Celebrity Fad?

As CBD and hemp oil are completely natural, they will always remain cost effective items. And, though we may deny it, the beauty industry is booming thanks to our desire to look and feel good, it is surely worth trying CBD oil as a cheap and natural option for sexy and thick hair.

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